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Case study - Web content for startup NYC Auto Detailing

A startup in NYC, NYC Auto Detailing, reached out to our agency for help with their web content. They were seeking persuasive and SEO-friendly language for their auto detailing brand.

The challenge

When a group of experienced auto detailers decided to create a new luxury service for New York, they knew they needed an amazing website. They needed website content writers who would help them establish their tone of voice, weave in the right keywords to help them rank online and describe their services with clarity.

The proposal

As a new brand, NYC Auto Detailing needed to differentiate itself from the competition. As part of our web content writing services, we always work with clients to help them strategise for their site, concentrating as much on pages and tone of voice as SEO research. We created a high-end but contemporary tone for the site, keeping the content concise but conversational and focusing the messaging on the professionalism of the service. The content needed to be short, sharp and persuasive for customers who are scanning sites to find the service they need.

The result

The website was such a success that as NYC Auto Detailing added more services, they returned to work with Contese Agency as their website content writers. We carried out further SEO research and developed new content to keep the site fresh and well-ranked in search engine results.

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We were recently approached by NYC Auto Detailing, a startup brand in need of persuasive and SEO-friendly web content. They sought our agency's expertise to assist them in this area.

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