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Case study - Web content for Mission-Jobs

We were approached by Mission Jobs, a Canadian recruitment agency, to create web content for their website.

The development of the web content for our client, Mission-Jobs, an HR recruitment agency.

The challenge

Recruitment agency Mission Jobs used our website content writing services to target two specific audiences: potential employers and potential candidates.

They needed compelling content that addressed both target groups simultaneously. Mission Jobs also wanted to target specific industries to get an edge against their competitors.

The proposal

We created detailed educational website content comprising landing pages aimed at the two different target audiences, plus industry-specific content for pages dedicated to manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, technology, and healthcare.

To penetrate the two markets and specific industry sectors, we proposed a strategic SEO plan based on recruitment agency-related keyword research to help them stand out in the search engine rankings.

The result

Our content marketing for HR, comprising highly targeted landing pages with industry-specific SEO, was a winning combination for attracting their two target audiences in the recruitment sector. The structured content improved their website user experience resulting in a higher click-through rate and more conversions.

The targeted keyword strategy improved site visibility, and the extra landing pages helped funnel and convert new website visitors into paying customers, increasing overall awareness and revenue for the recruitment firm.

The Canadian recruitment agency, Mission Jobs, selected us to create web content for their website.


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