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Case study - Website content for Simplepack

We were approached by Simplepack, a wholesale company specializing in environmentally-friendly food packaging, to craft engaging and informative content for their website. Our task was to create persuasive product descriptions that would help them stand out in the crowded online market.

Simplepack was looking to start a sustainable revolution by supplying wholesale eco-friendly food packaging. They needed a website to help them stand out online, communicate their message effectively and persuade food companies that this was a smart move for their business.

The challenge

Simplepack wants a strong, succinct website that would explain the value they offer, which is why they approached Contese Agency for our website content writing services. With the company’s dedication to a plastic-free future, we knew Simplepack was on a mission, and we wanted to craft content to showcase that purpose. The content also needed to appeal to businesses, so we were focused on presenting the business case for making more sustainable choices. This crafted content was backed up by in-depth SEO research to ensure we were bringing the right niche audience to the website. By combining SEO data and persuasive content, we could attract leads and help convert them.

The result

Simplepack ’s business is going strong, and the website content remains. It is a testament to the brand, its purpose and its noble goals and continues to bring in new customers, helping them become more sustainable.

A case study on Simplepack's website content. We were hired by a wholesale eco-friendly food packaging company to create compelling and educational web copy, which encompassed product descriptions, with the goal of distinguishing themselves in the online sphere.


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