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Case study - Marketing materials for Pilot PR

Updated: Feb 8

As a case study, we were tasked with creating marketing materials for Pilot PR, a highly regarded Travel PR Agency based in London. Our copywriting services were enlisted to help develop PR content that could be shared with the media by Pilot PR's clients.

The challenge

Pilot PR is one of the UK’s leading travel PR agencies, with a focus on media relations, communications strategy & brand building. An important content marketing case study for the Contese team, we are proud of the strategic partnership we have formed with this industry leader. Our copywriters provide ongoing travel content services to Pilot PR across its diverse clients. Our job is to analyse new clients when they are on-boarded, understand the angle that Pilot PR is taking and write the necessary materials.

What we did

Having developed a longstanding professional relationship with Pilot PR, we work to support their clients with any copywriting needs. When luxury Austrian hotel Der Boglerhof contracted the services of Pilot PR to promote its expansion and new spa facilities. As a leading heritage hotel in one of the most beautiful villages in Austria and a top ski destination, it was essential that Pilot PR moved quickly to communicate the exciting developments at the hotel ahead of the sky season and new year.

We worked in partnership with Pilot PR to develop the press materials in record time so that the team could share them with key members of the press. 

From press releases to notes to editors and fact sheets, we created a comprehensive set of materials filled with useful information that would hook the attention of busy members of the media, setting out the key selling points of the hotel.

The result

Our copywriting team produced the PR materials to a tight deadline and a high standard. With no need for changes, the agency was able to disseminate the materials and secure extensive coverage for their client in national publications. We look forward to providing additional copywriting and travel digital marketing support to Pilot PR.

We have had the pleasure of working with Pilot PR, a well-known Travel PR Agency in London, by providing our copywriting services to create PR materials for their clients to distribute to media outlets.


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